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The Summit Series is a company that claims to "Through a series of invitation-only events, Summit fosters a global community of entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, artists, astronauts, authors, chefs, engineers, explorers, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, scientists, and beyond."

Basically, they put on conferences for the elite. They charge over $8,000 a person for the privilege of attending a cruise where they have some paid speakers. You need to qualify and be interviewed so they can discriminate against undesirables.

Their recent cruise was cancelled and they offered no refunds. Just the ability to use your paid ticket monies towards another cruise next year, which likely won't happen either.

They also bought a mountain. Thats right, a mountain. To ski on. Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else ?

Summit wants to appear to be a non profit, but are they in fact a for profit company lining the pockets of their exec's and owners ?


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charles ferrante says

"I ordered four shock absorbers,they did not fit properly. The repair shop had to modify them to fit, They charged extra and customer service could do nothing for me because I modified them. The money I saved on the part was eaten up by the extra charges from the shop"

Chris says

"One of the worst on-line retailers I've ever dealt with. Ordered a product which appeared to be in stock and ready to ship. Not only did they not have the item but neither did their distributor. They would not allow me to cancel the order as they said they'd have to confirm the distributor didn't ship it. Didn't hear back from them so I called to see what's going on. They said they'd contact the distributor and call me back. About an hour later I get an email saying the item had shipped and a UPS tracking # was given. This tracking # was not my order and going to someone else in Michigan. Called them back and explained to CS again...I asked them to put me on hold and call the distributor and they would not do it. I did a little detective work and figured out the distributor was Helmet House...based out of CA with warehouse in South Haven, MS. I called the CA office and they assured me the item I ordered was still on back order and they'd been without stock for quite a while. They confirmed there was no chance my item shipped yesterday. Now back on death-hold with this worthless CS department. NEVER AGAIN!!!!...So after holding for 40 minutes the CS agent still refused to cancel the order and tried to put me off again. After arguing with him he agreed to call the distributor while I was on hold, 15 minutes later he comes back and tells me I was correct. They do not have stock and my order did not ship out. I asked him to put me on hold while he cancelled the order. He gave me the runaround about how he couldn't do it but assured me he make it happen. Still not done and the business day is over. Glad I used Paypal to pay these clowns, just got done filing a claim."

anna courtney says

"you will never get your parts or tires or attention so may as well cancell your order and get money back staff is rude, nobody knows what is going on and if you are lucky after 4 days of calling to get someone on the phone to tell you they don't know what is going on bad business!!!"

Gui Ohm says

"Say "Estimated shipping : today" you make your order and then it change to "Available in 10 days" ??? They obviously make money on the shipping cost. Seriously +50$ of shipping to france for a stupid tiny connector?? I get it why now they don't sell internationnaly with ebay. They don't make money on internationnal orders with them because you pay ebay to send it to you. Summit Racing are thieft."

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